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Hosting An Exchange Student

Overseas Host Club Responsibilities

The overseas Host Club is responsible for

  • appointment of the Host Club Counsellor who is of the same gender as the student. 
  • the payment of the student's standard school fees and books (where applicable) and pocket money of approximately Au$150 every month.

Overseas Host Club Counsellor Responsibilities

Your host club will allocate a Counsellor who should become your confidante, the person you turn to for help and advice.  Write to your counsellor well before leaving Australia to discuss school arrangements and subject choices. He or she will also be able to advice about the language requirements of your host district and the extent of language courses you should undertake prior to leaving. 

They are responsible for the following:

  • Arranging your initial reception and introducing you to the Overseas Club.
  • Selecting, briefing and counselling of your host families.
  • Facilitating your changing host families.
  • Conducting an initial briefing for you on local Rotary rules.
  • Enrolling you into satisfactory courses at school.
  • Establishing a savings account with your signature and establishing an emergency/contingency account.
  • Ensuring there is regular payment of your pocket money allowance.
  • Ensuring safe custody of your important documents, passport and return ticket accessible to you...
  • Obtaining approval for any specific travel you request if he or she concludes the travels arrangements are appropriate.
  • Assisting with travel arrangements for your return to Australia.
  • Ensuring you are involved in your Overseas Club's activities.
  • Making sure he/she is kept advised of everything you are doing (other than day to day activities). 
  • Should an emergency occur either in Australia or in your host country, your Overseas Counsellor is a vital contact and must know where you are.

Rotary District 9520
Youth Exchange

Each year thousands of young people worldwide are given an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of people in other countries.

During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self-confidence, tolerance and self-reliance.

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