Information for Parents

Costs Involved

Long Term Exchange

Rotary District 9520 charges an all inclusive fee of $9,100 irrespective of the country hosting the student (costs are averaged).

  • Return overseas airfare as arranged by Rotary
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Visa costs
  • Blazer
  • Rugby top
  • Name badge and visiting cards
  • Two very comprehensive briefing days for the student and students family together with a detailed manual with answers to everything about the exchange
  • An administration fee
  • Fuel Levy
  • Tour leader costs

The fee is broken down into three stallments (mid June = $200, 31st August = $4,500 and 1st December = $4,400)

Host Rotary club provides:

  • Board and lodging with a host family
  • Schooling expenses
  • A monthly allowance - about AUD $150

What else do you need to pay for?

  • Internal travel including Rotary arranged tours (normally a two week bus trip for all the exchange students in an area which, in Europe for example, goes through many countries stopping at numerous famous places. This trip is normally the highlight of a student’s exchange- it is not compulsory, but costs around $2,000).
  • An emergency fund - usually AUD $400 that is redeemable at the end of the exchange if not used.
  • Additional pocket money as required

Short Term Exchange

The costs of the exchange are mainly covered by the participating families. This is typically between $A3,500 and $A4500 (depending on the rate of exchange in each country), covering costs such as air travel, passport, weekend camp, a week-long Safari in either Australia or New Zealand for the visiting student as well as spending money.

Sponsoring Rotary Clubs in Australia provide a Mentor for both the outbound and inbound student and also supply a Student Exchange uniform for the outbound student. Club sponsorship is $350 per student.

Rotary District 9520
Youth Exchange

Each year thousands of young people worldwide are given an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of people in other countries.

During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self-confidence, tolerance and self-reliance.

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