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All young people deserve the chance to achieve their best

Rotary District 9520 Youth Opportunity Grant celebrates the talents and strengths of young people who exhibit extraordinary promise – but who lack the support and resources to fulfill their potential.

The grant will provide a student with a fully funded Long Term Youth Exchange year abroad.

The grant will pay all the usual fees associated with the exchange.

An allowance, to be determined, will be paid monthly to the student while on exchange.

Rotary District 9520 Youth Exchange Committee condition is that students receiving a fully funded LTYE grant will display two or more of the attributes listed below in addition to mandatory requirements:

 Mandatory requirements:

  • Financial Need : Students applying for grants based on financial need will be asked to provide evidence of their financial circumstances.
  • Suitability for Exchange : Students applying for grants and their legal guardians must attend interviews to assess capacity to complete a year abroad, away from family and friends. Students must display all the usual attributes required for a successful exchange.

Plus two or more of the following:

  • Academic Merit : Academic achievement normally means that students are achieving good grades at school. Students should also be actively involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Creative Accomplishment : Students must demonstrate originality and innovation in the arts and humanities, sciences, or social sciences. The committee considers the accomplishments of writers, artists, and musicians just as seriously as scientists.
  • Diversity of Background : The committee considers diversity of race and gender, but also the connections between these and other sources of identity such as religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and ability.
  • Resilience in the face of Hardship : Students who have overcome obstacles related to health, family, social, educational or economic disadvantages are encouraged to apply. Any circumstance that shows strength of character and potential for achievement should be stated in the application.
  • Community Service : The committee considers not simply your community service but, more importantly, the impact your service has had on a particular individual or group. The committee considers volunteerism, service learning, field-work or internships that show civic responsibility and engagement.
  • Leadership : Students who demonstrate experience leading groups and providing direction to others including teaching, training, organizing, managing and carrying more responsibility on the part of a group or organization.  Being held in high regard by one's peers for being a role model through actions and deeds; and making improvements and achieving successes with or on behalf of others.

What does a Youth Opportunity Grant recipient receive?


  • Recipients receive full funding of their year abroad with all the inclusions of a full fee paying student.
  • The grant will directly pay for the "tour" offered by the host country.
  • The allowance recommended by Rotary International Youth Exchange will be paid monthly into the student's nominated account. (Currently $AU 150/ month)


Each recipient is matched with a Rotary Club and counselor who provides guidance and support during their overseas exchange.


  • Students between the ages of 15 and 17 at the time of exchange departure.
  • Students who will return to secondary school study after the exchange.
  • Citizens or permanent residents of Australia (evidence may be required).
  • Students with a clear need for financial assistance.


  • We invite young people with genuine talent, ability and determination in education, including (but not limited to) academic skills, visual or performing arts, sport, trade skills, and music.
  • Documents required include school reports, most recent NAPLAN test results, a sample of written work (for example, an essay or short story) a cover letter written outlining interests, achievements, financial statements and reasons why the student wishes to go on an exchange.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to engage with their allocated Rotary club and counselor.
  • All nominations must include at least one reliable, independent referee letter, confirming the personal circumstances and talent, skill or ability of the nominee.
  • Successful students must have a support person who is an adult eg. parent/guardian, case worker, teacher, youth worker, or coach who can regularly consult with the allocated Rotary club and counselor.
  • All documents must be received by the scholarship closing date. No original copies should be included in your application, as documents will not be returned.
  • Short-listed candidates will then attend an interview with the District Youth Exchange Committee representatives.

Rotary District 9520
Youth Exchange

Each year thousands of young people worldwide are given an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of people in other countries.

During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self-confidence, tolerance and self-reliance.

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