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Group Coordinator’s Role

Download the Group Coordinater's Role summary here: Group Coordinator's Role

  • Group Coordinators are assigned to each of the 8 Groups within District 9520
  • Group Coordinators are the primary point of contact between the Youth Exchange Committee and the clubs within their Group and its Assistant Governor
  • Group Coordinators are responsible for promoting the Youth Exchange programs to the clubs in their group and other general liaison
  • Visit and talk to Rotary Clubs in your Group as a guest speaker to explain and promote the program
  • Engage the assistance of your AG in the program promotion
  • Promote the clubs sponsoring of students as outbounds both RANZSE and LTYE
  • Report activities back to YEC
  • Group Coordinators brief Club Counsellors before and after the Youth Exchange student arrives
  • Group Coordinators provide the Club Counsellor with student, parent and counsellor manuals at the time of the first counsellor briefing.
  • Group Coordinators carry out the Home Briefing, with the student, the club counsellor and all of the host families


CL 2 & 4 forms should be explained and provided for each host family and members over 18 living in the house where the student will stay.

Ensure the Club Counsellor has a

  • Home Briefing Report form
  • Inbound Student Detail Form
  • Inbound Student Medical Form.
  • ASSES form (completed by the host school)

These forms are completed and handed to the Group Coordinator at the Home Briefing, then they are returned to the Inbound coordinator and District Chair.

Resources for group coordinators

  • Out bound students:  Helen Gooley.
  • In bound students:  Lynne Trethewey
  • Counsellor support:  Elizabeth Wickham.
  • Forms and compliance:  Darryl Wickham.
  • Promotion & anything else:  Gayl Sparnon


Rotary District 9520
Youth Exchange

Each year thousands of young people worldwide are given an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of people in other countries.

During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self-confidence, tolerance and self-reliance.

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